International Child Support

How to pay international child support?

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Hello! I have moved to London and my ex is still in America. She wants me to pay child support still. Is there any information about paying child support when not in America? Is it possible?

If yes, does SupportPay support international child support payment?
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Even if you have moved out of the country if you there is a child support order or agreement then you are still required to make the payments - no matter where you live. All you need to be doing is tracking your payments to ensure your have proof that you have continuously made payments.

As far as SupportPay ( yes it does provide the ability to send payment from one bank account to another bank account - no matter where you live in the world.
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If you have relocated out of the nation and have a child support order or agreement, you must continue to make payments regardless of where you live. All you have to do now is keep track of your payments to guarantee that you have documentation that you have paid payments on time.
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