So what does child support cover?

Questions and discussions related to child support, alimony, spousal support, family support and other child support, payment or expense related topics. In addition, topics related to sharing expenses and additional expenses such as medical, healthcare, childcare, education or any other expenses and payments that parents may share.
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The question is the subject (above) . . .
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In most states, child support is only intended to cover the basic needs of a child, including food, housing, and clothing. However, some states allow for child support to expand to a broad range of expenses, and can include the following:

Basic necessities;
Medical care;
Educational fees;
Extracurricular activities; and
College expenses.
Read on to learn more about common child support expenses that may be covered by a child support order to see whether they might apply to your situation.

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Incluye alimentación, ropa, enseres personales, colegio, atención sanitaria y una vivienda digna en la que poder crecer. Todos estos gastos van incluidos dentro de la pensión de alimentos y se tienen en cuenta para establecer su importe
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LukeIamNotYourFather wrote:
> The question is the subject (above) . . .
Extracurricular activities, uninsured medical expenditures, and educational expenses are generally not included in the basic child support amount unless expressly stated in the settlement agreement, however state regulations differ. Food, clothes, and housing are generally covered through child support.
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