child support services

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What can child support services do to help me? I've heard they are a useful asset that families can use when experiencing a divorce.
Jordan Pavlow
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"The child support office in your county or region can provide the following services:

Establishing paternity (fatherhood)
Locating parents
Requesting child support orders from the court
Requesting medical support orders from the court
Enforcing child and spousal support orders
Modifying child support orders
Collecting and sending child support

Child support offices do not:

Handle custody or visitation matters
Handle divorces
Obtain or enforce restraining orders
Establish spousal support orders
Manage alimony or spousal support payments "
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The Ministry of Child Support Enforcement guarantees that children get support (both medical and financial). Locating parents, proving paternity, determining support responsibilities, and enforcing those commitments are all part of the process.
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