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can someone explain the process to me better?
Jordan Pavlow
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A Child Support Hearing Examiner will decide your case. Hearing Examiners are like judges. They have the power to decide your case. They are different from a Judge in that they only decide child support cases. If you are not satisfied with the Hearing Examiner's decision, you can ask a judge to review it. You should be on time for court and you should sign in with the court officer as soon as possible. Then you will have to wait until your case is called. Do not leave and then come back. It may take a long time for your case to be called so you should come prepared with reading materials and with lunch. All of the Family Courts in New York City offer childcare. The Hearing Examiner will likely review some of the documentation you have brought and will ask questions of both sides. If there is something you want to say you should politely say it because you may not get another chance.
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Thanks Jordan for providing us with the useful info.
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