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I'm ready to start dating after becoming a single dad and I'm carrying anxiety that someone who otherwise will like me will just view me as having too much baggage to be with. I'm sure its not the case for every woman. I'm not looking for affirmation as much as getting it off my chest.
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Someone will view you as having a lot of baggage, if that is how you view yourself. This important thing is how you are carrying it. Go to a support group or therapy, or read books about surviving divorce, so that you have support in dealing with the feelings of hopelessness/worthlessness that can come with divorce. Spend time with people (friends and family) who bring out your best qualities. This will help you focus on all the great things that you are bringing to a relationship...there are probably so many!
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Volver a salir con alguien después de tanto tiempo puede causar miedo pero la vida sigue y todos merecemos nuestras oportunidades con otras personas.
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Not every girl thinks like that. And secondly, people look at you the same way you look at yourself. Spend time with friends and family who will bring out your best.
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